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music vault diamond

2010-2013 Music Vault II

Music Vault M7SS

With Local Cloud Backup and Streaming & All Solid State Storage


The Music Vault M7SS is a major upgrade in processor power, speed and flexibility. Its Quad Core i7 processor operating at 3.5 Gig Hz sails through every aspect of music playback including one of the fastest user interfaces ever for selecting music from your vast library.

The M7SS, like all Music Vaults, remains whisper quiet. Also, the M7 will store and play back your digital music with bit-perfect, unaltered pass through.

Backup is now accomplished over your home network with local Cloud Storage included in the package. Cloud storage, besides backing up your Music whenever new music is added, provides a DLNA source to stream music all over your home to any networked player or DAC providing any number of independent music streams. You can also access your Cloud over the Web and download your music from anywhere in the world.

The M7SS includes 32GB of RAM and plays your music directly from memory.

Like the MV Diamond, the M7SS includes professional AES/EBU digital outputs as well as balanced analog outputs from its own internal DAC. The M7SS also includes a pair of balanced analog inputs allowing you to archive your analog sources and play them back unaltered from your Music Vault.

32GB of on-board RAM, 2, 4, or 8TB of Solid State Storage with local Cloud storage.

The M7SS comes with a Blue-Ray drive and HDMI output.

The M7SS, paired with the right DAC, will outperform any CD player or Transport.

The M7SS will play back any music format including Apple Lossless, FLAC, and WAVE.


M7SS is available in Black or Aluminum colored enclosures.
Footprint 17.5"W x 13"D x 6"H
Weight 30 lbs

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2TB Storage Price: $6995


4TB Storage Price: $7995


8TB Storage Price: $9995




Febuary 14, 2014

"Neal—your flagship M7 has brought my enjoyment of digital playback to a level I didn’t think possible. It is easy and fun to use (with my iPad running JRiver Remote), completely robust (not one crash or hic-cup since purchasing four months ago) and the sound is simply stunning: analog-like, musical, rich and involving. The Wireworld Starlight Platinum digital cable is also a tremendous upgrade—really showing off what the server can do with both redbook and hi res files. And your support has always been instantaneous, answering any questions I might have. Sound Science is a model for the highend audio business, offering state-of-the-art products at real world prices! Congrats! " -Stephen D., Santa Fe, NM

February 3, 2014

"We were running Amarra and ITunes software on an Apple Mini system interfaced with an OPPO BDP 105 and weren’t happy with the results. It was difficult to use and the resulting sound was “just OK.” Frustrated, we seldom used it.
Since there was so much and ever increasing positive press about the advantages of computer based systems, we went looking for a better solution and came across Neal VanBerg’s website advertising his Music Vaults. We called him up and were immediately impressed with his personable and very helpful advice. Since we have a pretty high end system, we wanted something that would complement it and, together with Neal’s ongoing aid, decided ultimately to purchase his Music Vault M7 for its speed and accuracy. Neal also introduced us to Antelope Audio DACs and arranged for us to audition one of them with our new M7. We started with the Zodiac + which blew away the previous Apple-Oppo combo and ultimately moved to the Platinum DAC when it became available. Both DACs were (and are) spectacular with the Platinum producing near Analog quality output. Wow! What an amazing system we now have!
Neal not only worked with us through the whole process (and continues to be available), his Music Vaults include an excellent CD Ripping program, a program to listen to internet radio broadcasts and the intuitive JRiver interface to control and access all our files. He has always been available to answer our questions and, when needed, even provides direct support via an internet connection to our system.
We now have an extensive CD collection plus numerous high resolution downloads instantly available. We control the works through an IPAD and thus can sit for hours listening to whatever we want without moving from the chair. Our collection has taken on a whole new life with this set-up and we’re rediscovering many albums and artists as if for the first time hearing them at a live concert. We can’t say enough about the improvement and really thank Neal for helping and guiding us to achieve this.
" -Michael S., California

January 30, 2014

"I have now had my music vault for over a year and wanted to send a note about my experience. When I first contacted you I explained that I was looking for service and support as much as an actual music server. You assured me that you would stand with me to troubleshoot through any problems and confusion. Well, I made a good choice and you even exceeded your promise. It turned out that my D/A converter and USB connection were not well designed, but I was able to get the system going with your advice and patience. But you took a broader view and advised me to switch out for a different D/A converter and connection type. I did what you said, ended up saving money, and since that change the system has been reliable. And when problems arose with other hardware and software, you walked me thought to a solution. I felt well taken care of and at the same time I have a superlative sounding system. I don't even have a CD player any more. Thanks for making this a success, and being there for me though the journey. Your Friend, David" -David S., Oklahoma

September 22, 2013

"Neal, my wife thinks you’re a GOD because we’ve gotten rid of bookshelves of CDs, decluttering our whole living room." -Dan M., Castle Rock, Colorado

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