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2010-2013 Music Vault II

Music Vault II Ultra

The Music Vault II Ultra comes with 16GB of RAM and a very fast processor. The Ultra gets the most out of Hi-Res files and DSD. It utlizes an energy efficient i5 quad-core processor with passive heat sink. 16 GB of RAM. Included is a Western Digital 3TB MyCloud for auto-duplication of your music, plus a 250GB SSD for the Operating System and control software.

Plays any sample rate and DSD effortlessly. The only Server that's faster than the MVII Ultra is the M7.

The MVII Ultra has an upgraded USB output for the best sounding input to your USB DAC.

The MVII Ultra is a digital source designed to offer your DAC perfect bits with the lowest jitter which is what your DAC needs for optimal performance.

The MVII Ultra comes with a Blue-Ray drive. This drive was chosen for its superior ripping qualities and has the benefit of allowing the Music Vault to perform as a DVD Player, and with optional software can playback Blue Ray discs too. CDs in perfect shape can be ripped perfectly in this drive in as little as 2 minutes.

The MVII Ultra operating system is housed on a lightening fast solid State Drive which makes it very responsive to commands and keeps the pair of 3TB hard drives working as accurately and quietly as possible. Separation of control and data opens up the data disks to a full 3TB of music storage.

The MV II Ultra comes with a lifetime subscription to Roon.


Music Vault Ultras are available in Black or Aluminum colored enclosures.
Footprint 17.5"W x 13"D x 6"H
Weight 30 lbs

3 TB Storage Price: $4495

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